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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 27, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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many say it's disturbing, some say it's worse than disturbing, that they're at a loss for words. but richland county sheriff's department is asking for cooler heads to prevail for now as they investigate whatever happened. i want to read you the narrative we got a little while ago from the sheriff. thetudent resource officer was acting in response to a student disrespecting the class. the student refused to comply to leave the class. when she refused, the sro was requested to take action. the student was told she was under arrest and given instructions, which she again refused refused. the video shows the student resisting. >> they have not said what led up to the violent encounter. the student was not injured and
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the officer is on leave. and the mayor said we cannot and will not accept this kind of behavior from any law enforcement officer and i firmly believe we need an independent investigation get to a body of them and seehat justiti is done. > republican leaders have reached a break through tentative deal with the white house. it would moderately increase spending and raise the federal borrowing limit. it must bow approved by both the house and senate would avoid a government shut down, it would be one of the last acts of house speaker, john boehner. a tentative vote is scheduled for tomorrow. weather that tore through texas isow pounding the gulf coast. significant flooding from batten enten rouge to pensacola. and of course, students jumped
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on the opportunity to play a little water volleyball but many areas did not get off so easily. here with our report. >> reporter: high waves, heavy rain and tropical depression forced winds pounding pensacolala beach. days after hurricane patricia made land fall in mexico, the punishing aftermath. all along the gulf coast, remnants of the storm. a tornado touched down south of new orleans. 20 children had to be rescued from a school bus on a flooded bridge. and a tropical swell packed wind gusts. and swallowing a a white pick up. >> i grabbed a few things outut of the back. >> reporter: there are flash flood watches and tornado warnings from louisiana to florida. >> a couple of our roads that run parallel to the beaches are
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>> reporter: in texas they're trying to dry out after three days of rain from two separate systems. and sent rescuers into high water where people were trapped in their cars. this next story might have you rethinking what you have for breakfast. a world health organization group says processed meats cause cancer and red meat probably does to. eating 50 grams a day, about two slices of bacon increases the risk of colon cancer by 18%. and 100 grams a gree, a piece the size of a deck off cards raises it by17%. they say this defies commonsense and that cancer is a complex disease, not caused by single foods.
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close to an area by china. it passed within 12 nautical miles in the spratly island chain. the destroyer is part of a effort to keep national waters open and the chinese state news agency says they warnedhe u u. against the mission.n. d they dispute china's claims to the area. they were angered when in september compled a two mile air strip on the nautical island. and the woman who drove through a crowd at the oklahoma homecoming parade is being held on four counts of suspicion of second degree murder and driving under the influence. why prosecutors would not plain why, the attorney believes another charge will be
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added. and they believe she intentionally drove into the crowd. they requested a $1 million bond because they consider her a flight risk. at ou medical center, three adult victims remain in critical condition, two children are in good condition. both presidential frontrunners are facing serious dispruvl. hillary clinton accused of down playing g e va scandal. she claimed it wasn't quote as widespread as it has been made out to be. senator john mccain, a vet@ himself, joined the house veterans chairman in condemning that statement. they say the frontrunner is outraged and plans to unveil a plan for change next month. and the new poll shows 72% of hispanic voters view him unfavorable, including 6-10 who
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ew him very unfavorable. and t tt's not all he hass to worry about. katy ter has more. >> reporter: donald trump feeling the squeeze, behind ben carson and now three iowa polls slip. behind. >> you ever been told no? >> my whole life has really been a no and i fought through it. >> reporter: trump dodging, weaving and attacking. trumum isn't letting u uon jeb sh, ridkuling the once prezmpive nominee for meeting in houston with his family. to rethink his struggling cam campaign campaign. as bush's frustration becomes increasingly evident. >> i have a lot of cool things i
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listening to people deeminize me and feeling compeled to demonize me. elect trump if you want that. well, t t bush familyy meeting ststtch under to late monday where george w announced his brother would win because of his fierce competitiveness. and the debate will be at 8:00 on cnbc. and bill karins here with our tuesday forecast. >> rainy forecast. now you need your umbrellas in many spots. not too bad flooding along the northern gulf. and anywhere from the ohio vallll to the midat antic to the southeast, you have a chance of rain today. and over t next three days, it's just a good soaking rain
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and one to about two inches, pretty widespread from chicago to the east. and the cold blast out of canada. it's a quick shot of cold air behind this front. we'll see it in kwlarareas of montana and parts of wyoming. and the cold air moves into areas of minnesota. and it will be windy skpaelshespecially around the great lakes. and the warm air will be on the eastern sea board thursday and then sweep to the east coast by the time we get to friday. highs in 50s and 60s and even 40s in new engened allland. a cool deignay in charlotte. raleigh, 56 degrees. and after a cold start in new
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from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. . search crews, t ty are still looking for one persosomiss from the whale watching boat that capsizeds sunday. >> there was only 20 feet of it sticking out of the water. >> out of the 27 passengers on the 54 foot ship, initial reports blame high waves. authorities still investigating. the u.s. troops who requested an air strike on the doctor's without borders
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hospital in afghanistan mistakingly thought it was a taliban hospital. it killed 30 people. critics have called the destrukdsde destruction of the h hpital violation of actss of war. as black friday shopping sime seems to get busier and crazier, out door retailer, rei, is going in the opposite direction. it's closing all of its 143 stoir stores the day after thanksgiving, they're encouraging people to spend the day outdoors. you want to know which halloween costumes everybody will be wearing? what are the top three? number one, harley quin from t t suicide squad, followed by star wars and superhero themed costumed. and you probably won't see
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a chinese panda nursery unveiled six pairs of panda twins. six female and six male and all 12 are in good health and super cute. gamers have been waiting for three years for halo five guardian. experts predicting good things after they spend $100 million creating the latest ededion to the franchise. andnd the big box retailer has applied to the faa for exemption to allow drone deliveries. they want to use drones to make deliveries to homes, and cars. and a heads up for anyone who enjoys electronic cigarettes. there is a new ban on e-cigarettes in airline baggage but they're still allowed in carry on bags but they can't
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this morning on show"early today" -- "today," going inside the science of fear. monday night football,
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and chris johnson goes to the right. breaking tackle puts arizona on the boarar and flash forward to thelay of the game. >> from the 30, chris johnson comes to the left. and johnson may not have been down. he was not. stays alive and johnson takes it inside the 10 to the 8-yard line. >> that is one heads up play there by jaunsen enjohnson and in the final pass, ravens' joe flacco is picked up in the end zone. arizona holds on, 28-18. the mets will throw, matt harvey on the mound to face offgainst the royals. and the nba kick off with three games tonight, including golden
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and we take you to thaild and the 100 hn44th annualuffalo races. fans gather to cheer on their favorite jockey and they also express gratitude to the buffalo for their hard work and speaking of racing, triple crown winner, american pharaoh will run the final race of his career on saturday at the $5 million breeders cup classic. he's a early 6-5 favorite in a field of 10 horses. saturday at 3:30 eastern. just ahead, a lookt the joker the way we've never seen before. and adel's new album isn't out
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causing quite a stir.stir.
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the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. now for some entertainment news. adel's newest music video has broken a record d r most views in a s sgle day. nearly 8 million more than taylor swift's "bad blood." and you can see adel november 21st on "saturday night live." and the duke and dutchess of
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for the latest james bond film "specter" did they give it two thumbs up? and this is our first good look at our character ahead of next year's suicide squad. and you may remember, he sted the last awards in it 2012 and he vowed he would never goo do it again. and last night on "the tonight show" jimmy fallon, they played spin the microphone which had sheldon singing "ymca"
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leading the news in the washington post, salon worker praised cryotherapyndroze to death during treatment.t. it's popular among athletes. the vegas salon work entered the mache alone where she stayed for more than 10 hours. autopsy rezptsults are pepdnding. top leaders say they may
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bolster the campaign in syria. and several attempts have been thwarted thwarted. they say it's an attempt to doctor's the terrorist group. and two passengers were killed when exiting a bus. the man in aheelchair was struck and the impact caused the bus to drive over both pas67g passengers passengers. a transit official says the driver will undergo ug and alcohol tstesting. chewbacca was arrested in rain. the man violated local election laws and they do not allow public campaigning on election day. he was fined the equivalent of $8.
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rain boot throwing talent. children joined prince harry and prince williamnd duchess katete and this was at the premier of thenimated special "seanhe shee" imagine being a tourist while this is happening. spanish shepherds led 2,000 sheep through the street. and immigration rights are increasingly threatened. 11th century coins were handed to ofilthsficials for the crossing. it's cute and all -- >> imagine the person who has to pick up after them. the justice department expelkted to release a new report on a growing problem for police, that v protection from ambush attacks. and this i i as loretta lynch speaks to the police in chicago.
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osborne, 31. and simon lubon, and monty python actor. i'm betty nguyen.
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today." today on agday - the meat industry weighs in on the world health organization connecting meat and cancer. plus, the harvest and winter planting homestretch... in agribusiness... managing for profit in 2016. its tough for commerical storage right now profitability is really tight. outdoors on the farm - finding the right balance between farming & outfitting for hunters. "farming always comes first. look for hunters who understand that as well." and building a drone zone for new pilots in kansas. agday-brought
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morning i'm clinton griffiths. cattle markets spend parts of monday trading lower following a new report from the world health organization...tying red meat and processed meats to cancer. the meat industry, however, is already questioning those results. as we reported monday, the w-h-h-s international agency for research on cancer looking at both red meat and processed meats like bacon, sausage and hot dogs. it says eating an extra 50 grams of processed meats probably increases chances of colorectal cancer by i-arc putting it at the top of five risk categories. the national pork producers council had a representative on hand during that meeting. he says there is nothing new here...they panel only looked at existing research. and gave more weight to research that showed a correlation between meat and cancer-- giving less weight to studies that don't. it's our hope that people will look at this and take it with a grain and salt and understand what
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